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AB Sliders

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With AB Sliders body adaptation and burn fat to reveal leaner, flatter abs. Improve agility, stability, coordination. Training all parts of your body muscles, great for abs, glutes, legs, and so on.
FitterGear Ab Sliders are designed so that your sneakers won't slip on the workout plate, your workouts will go on smoothly using this fitness equipment.
With AB Sliders lift your butt, sculpt your core and get an incredible core workout with these tested and proven exercise sliders which are also great fitness sliders for Pilates.
Quality is our priority at FitterGear. Our Core sliders are finely finished to make sure they can be used on any surface, including carpets, mats, etc. These are also Non-Slip, so your workouts can go smoothly!
Multiple Use Cases: Not only core exercises, but these plate can also be used in light cardio, heavy cardio, yoga, stretching, and many other exercises. They are sure to become your workout best friends, helping you focus on numerous body part exercises.
Here are 11 slider exercises to try